Mapping & Spatial Analytics

Artisense Mobile Mapping System

Artisense Monarx

Ultra Mobile Mapping System (MMS)


Artisense MMS

Mobile Mapping System

The Artisense’ MMS with Mapping Cloud provides a scalable and efficient mobile mapping solution. The MMS records data on the ground, which is then processed by the Mapping Cloud service.

The MMS is easily retrofittable in existing vehicle fleets (compact car to utility vehicles & trucks) or mobile robots, drones. Through its small form factor it is mountable in the interior (dashboard) or on the roof of the vehicle. Quick installation and calibration, as well as hands-free auto recording ensures a smooth rollout for larger fleets.

The Mapping Cloud can process vast amounts of data fully automatically producing point clouds, semantics, and geo-referenced Imagery. The resulting assets can also be used for topology or feature extraction.

Artisense Semantic Point Cloud

Semantic Point Clouds

Artisense’ 3D point clouds are selective and lightweight, focusing on relevant key features. All points in the map are assigned to specific classes identifying objects in the world. This includes road furniture, buildings, trees, and many more.

Artisense Vehicle Trajectory

Vehicle Trajectory

The trajectories of all sensor-equipped vehicles are tracked in global coordinates by the system. Tracking works in all environments, including tunnels and indoors. Vehicle trajectories provide information about human driving behavior.

Artisense Mobile Mapping System

Geo-referenced Imagery

For each kilometer of map Artisense creates thousands of accurately geo-referenced images. These images provide information about location and state of real world assets, as well as traffic over time.


Feature & Topology Extraction

Artisense’ machine learning algorithms can automatically extract features along the road like traffics signs and lane markings. For advanced vector based map creation lane markings, boundaries and topology can be extracted efficiently.


MMS features

  • Small form factor

  • Retrofit & automated operation

  • Hands-free auto recording

  • Pause button

  • GDPR compliant

Cloud features

  • Dense mapping

  • Selective semantic point clouds

  • Automatic point & image segmentation

  • Global reference of point cloud and images

  • GDPR compliant


Performance Overview

  • Point accuracy: < 10cm

  • Point density: 1.3 million per km

  • Point cloud size: 9 MB per km

  • Global position accuracy: 4cm


  • Semantic point clouds (16 classes): LAS, CSV

  • Trajectory (6 DoF pose): CSV

  • Geo-referenced imagery


Use cases

Artisense Berlin Map


Maps provide a structured database to retrieve location-based information, to plan and to facilitate communication between different agents. Artisene Maps serve as unifying localization layer (also between location-based services & maps) and real-time update layer.

Artisense Map Street Assets

Asset Management

Cities, TelCos, Transport, Real-Estate and Infrastructure managers all have many assets deployed in public space. The inventorization and maintenance of such assets is a labor intense task lacking automated detection and robust localization. Artisense’ MMS enables both.

Artisense 3D Map

Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles need an accurate understanding of their environment. HD Maps are used to acquire this a-prior information to help control a vehicle. Artisense’ MMS and Cloud can produce scalable 3D HD Maps for safe vehicle operation.