Geospatial Intelligence Global Dynamic Mapping

Artisense offers a real-time mapping engine for robots and automated vehicles, designed to help automotive, robotic-, drone- and map-companies to rapidly create and update geospatial localization maps.

Get your free sample data:
Please click here for your free 2.5km data sample of Berlin


    Semantic Point Cloud

    • Precise, automotive-grade 3D point clouds
    • Lightweight data
    • Segmented in specific classes identifying objects including road furniture, buildings, trees, and many more

    Vehicle Trajectory

    • Highly accurate trajectories of sensor-equipped vehicles (4cm RMS Global Accuracy)
    • Hold-over mode for GPS-denied environments, including tunnels and indoors (0.3% RMS)
    • Information about human driving behavior

    Geo-referenced Imagery

    • Thousands of accurately geo-referenced images per kilometer
    • Information about location and state of real world assets, as well as traffic over time

    Imagine the possibilities

    Localize anywhere

    • 3D maps for sensor-agnostic localization
    • Map-data catalogue (e.g. city scale map of Berlin)
    • On-demand map creation and dynamic updates

    Large scale analytics

    • Digital access to state and location of publicly deployed real world assets (e.g. signs, street lights)
    • Semantic Segmentation with standard or custom object classes
    • Thousands of geo-referenced images per kilometer
      Fleet deployment for dynamic updates