Geospatial Intelligence Global Dynamic Mapping

Artisense offers real-time localization for robots and automated vehicles.

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Download sample data:

Please click here for a 2.5km data sample from Berlin

    Visual-Inertial Navigation System (VINS)

    VINS Development Kit

    The VINS integrates Artisense proprietary algorithms that smartly couple vision, IMU, and GNSS measurements to provide continuous and accurate global 3D positions.

    The Development Kit provides access to the next generation of localization technology.

    Localization in any environment

    • Accurate global positioning in all environments
    • 0.2% Total Drift in Hold-Over Mode
    • Standard interfaces & PVT Data

    Download Product Information

    Use Cases

    • Vehicle Control & Guidance
    • Parking Garage Mapping
    • Land Mobile Mapping
    • Asset Management
    • Tunnel Mapping
    • Lidar Mapping
    • Ground Truth