The second to none in AI computer vision

Artisense enables anything you can equip with a simple camera to collectively see, learn, and navigate in a dynamic world – be it autonomous vehicles, robots, or whatever you envision.


Our Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer Professor Cremers and his team have advanced SLAM technology to enable dynamic 3D mapping and localization simultaneously and in real time without relying on LiDAR technology and GPS. Our solution is more precise and robust than any other computer vision technology available today—and we can prove it.


Our solution enables real and safe autonomy anywhere. Artisense works even when other solutions reach their limits due to lacking GPS connection or under conditions unfavorable for LiDAR. Mapping and localization happen in real time and all data are consolidated in our cloud-based Spatial Intelligence Platform™ to create a dynamic global map. By crowdsourcing data from all cameras and other sensors connected to the system, collaborative machine learning potential increases massively.


We make computer vision suitable for the masses. We offer a low-cost solution requiring a fraction of the computing power of other technologies. Backed by our cloud-based algorithms, any off-the-shelf camera turns into a precise sensor and optionally can be combined with other sensor technologies. The resulting flexibility opens up a wide range of use cases in a plethora of fields