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Enabling Vision

Second-to-none in AI-powered computer vision 

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Enabling Vision

Second to none in AI powered computer vision

“Let’s move autonomy forward.”
Prof. Dr. Daniel Cremers 
Chief Scientific Officer
Our Team

Thinking Autonomy

We think computer vision differently. Artisense enables dynamic 3D mapping and localization simultaneously and in real time without relying on LiDAR and GPS. It outperforms other technologies in precision, robustness, and efficiency.


Leading cloud-based AI solution


No expensive LiDAR or error-prone GPS


Flexible and cost-efficient infrastructure
Our Technology

Moving Technology

Powered by cloud-based algorithms, our Spatial Intelligence Platform™ creates a dynamic global 3D map by crowdsourcing data from all sensors feeding the system, whether it’s just a budget camera or additional sensors too.

We enable efficient and flexible autonomy, offering software and data science, collaboration in developing integrated application-specific solutions, and our retrofit 3D stereo sensor for autonomous driving, the MonarX™. From perception to analytics and predictive modeling to path planning: We bring computer vision full circle.

Let’s play through your visions and use cases

Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

Data Analytics & Predictive Modeling

Dynamic 3D Mapping and Localization

Our Technology

Become a pioneer in computer vision

Work with the best in academia and from tech hubs like Silicon Valley, Munich, and Tokyo.


Let’s partner up and realize your visions

Artisense turns your vehicles and robots into autonomous entities and leaves creative leeway.