Artisense Research Building "Deep-Tech"

Our research lab anticipates trends and changes in emerging technology faster than our competition.

    Fundamental Challenges

    AI is here, but it can take a long time for society to learn how to adopt it. AI and computer vision research at Artisense is growing fast for reasons, including the fact that some of the most talented researchers are striving to tackle highly challenging tasks such as autonomous navigation in any space — whether on Mars or on Earth — using just a single camera, or teach logical reasoning to machines, particularly in the absence of a mathematical model of the environment, with many of such tasks coming from the computer vision and robotics community.

    Why Artisense is expanding its research efforts

    It is a primary interest for elite researchers to solve the most fundamental and intellectual questions across the fields of AI, computer vision and robotic sciences, and see them working in the real-world applications. Artisense is pursuing research in these fields to build “deep tech” layer of research and development, that is considered foundational to how the technology will work in the years and decades to come. Since there’s going to be progress pretty fast for the next couple of years, Artisense wants to secure a "cutting-edge" market position for its products, also in their future releases. And last but not least, Artisense enables access to talented researchers who are looking to pursue an academic career working on these topics.

    Competitve Edge

    The results of research in the areas like 3D vision, SLAM-augmented geospatial localization, reinforcement learning, dynamic global mapping and 3D object detection make their way into our products very fast, providing Artisense competitive edge against competitors.

    Academic Collaborations

    Artisense works closely with faculty, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows of the leading universities worldwide to explore the potential of incorporating the new inventions and platform technologies arising from their research into our newest products.

    Benefits of doing research at Artisense

    Artisense encourages its researchers to publish the results of their work at the world's leading academic conferences (CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, ICRA, IROS, RSS, NIPS), thus boosting visibility for both the startup and its research team. Joining a startup is a viable and often attractive alternative to working for an established company having conservative IP policies and slow R&D cycles. A startup can offer researchers an attractive way to participate on their newly created IP through equity incentive programs and expedite the development and commercialization of nascent technologies that satisfy unmet market needs and benefit the public good.