Inside Artisense: Meet Yoon hee, Technical Project Manager


“I’m a passionate problem solver!”

Yoon Hee, Technical Project Manager

Today’s interview introduces you to Yoon Hee. She is our Korean colleague and has been on board from the very beginning (employee #4) at Artisense.

Thomas: Hi Yoon Hee, you are our Technical Project Manager (TPM). How would you describe your job to your mum? (what do you do?)

Yonn Hee: About my role as a TPM at Artisense: To my mom, I would say that I am the interface between project clients and the Artisense engineers. I have to make sure our client is satisfied with what we deliver. At the same time, I need to make sure that our engineers are satisfied with what & how we delivered. As we are an agile organization we try to develop our product incrementally & iteratively as well as from a customer point of view. Furthermore, it's also my responsibility as a TPM to make sure our products solve real customer problems.


Thomas: What are you passionate about as a person?

Yoon Hee: I am passionate about solving problems. Right now the challenge which fascinates me most is to provide accurate localization to vehicles in all environments (what we do here at Artisense). I’m happy when a challenging problem finally gets solved, whether it be in the work context or in personal context. Ultimately, I would like to solve problems that make people's lives a little better as this would mean we create innovative products with impact.

Thomas: Please name the three things you like the most about Artisense.

Yoon Hee:
1) I can see product development in action, how market feedback gets integrated into the product and how I can influence the aspects of the product.

2) Challenges that come forth almost every day that makes me use different parts of the brain.

3) Last but not least, THE TEAM!

Thomas: Which saying describes you/your life best?

Yoon Hee: It’s this one: “A lucky person knows not to bet on their luck.”
What I mean is: I would like to build my luck through hard-work and continuous learning so that I won’t have to rely on my luck and in consequence be lucky.

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