Q&A with our CSO: Prof. Daniel Cremers


Thomas: Hi Daniel, thank you for taking the time for this quick interview.

Daniel: Sure, more than happy to share some insights.

Thomas: What is your vision at Artisense and where are you currently?

Daniel: Our vision at Artisense is to empower humans by creating full autonomy. In order to get there we develop a cutting edge computer vision product for real-time localization, mapping and navigation of highly automated or fully autonomous vehicles.

Thomas: Sounds exciting, where are you currently?

Daniel: When you want to create full autonomy, Localization is definitely a key component. We at Artisense solve this challenge using computer vision and machine learning techniques. This approach vastly outperforms traditional RTK GNSS and INS solutions in accuracy and integrity. We have a whole spectrum of technology for localization and mapping using a multitude of sensors including cameras, IMUs and GNSS. Our localization device exhibits unparalleled precision and robustness across a range of environments, weather conditions and illuminations. We have developed technologies for semantic 3D scene understanding and relocalization in previously created maps. First products are being shipped and customer feedback is extremely positive.

Thomas: What excites you when you come to work in the morning?

Daniel: For me this is pretty clear: It’s the team of outstanding talents which we have at Artisense. It is so much fun to work with them on projects. They are highly determined and can literally perform miracles. That’s what motivates me every single day.

Thomas: How do you get this talent and even more important how do you keep them?

Daniel: From my point of view this is one of the most important challenges for all start-ups as it’s crucial for your success as a business. As we are aware of it we try to do everything to satisfy our employees. There are benefits like an employee share program, fresh fruits & drinks in the office or regular team events. However, I’m deeply convinced that the ultimate tool to bound your best people next to a creative & open environment is to provide purpose and an innovative & challenging product. Every engineer loves to work on these kind of topics and I think this is on of our biggest USP (unique selling proposition).

Thomas: Sounds inspiring. Thank you Daniel.

Daniel: You’re welcome.